How to Build a Home Fitness Center for Less Than $100

How to Build a Home Fitness Center for Less Than $100

When we talk about a home gym, we usually think about heavy machines, benches & weights! Since all of this equipment is widely used at any gym or fitness studio around the world. Unfortunately, Since most of us don’t have space or budget to Purchase this big Pieces of equipment you will have to rely on some basic accessories that may seem simple but generate some great results. Here are some accessories that you can purchase and start using in your house, apartment, studio, or anywhere you have some free space and the best parts it’s All for under $100.


 Kettlebell’s coming at the top of our list as a must have. They are ideal for people who are just starting out, you can perform a wide range of exercises for your arms and lower back muscles. There are different types available in the market that you can get. However, try to get the ones made with iron and not plastic. These are available for around $25 to $28.

Jump Ropes

Jump ropes are not for just for kids, They are the perfect equipment to improve coordination and conditioning. It is good for both aerobic and anaerobic training and is widely used for warming up and cooling down. Moreover, you can use it to increase your stamina, You can perform a wide variety of jumping exercises with a jumping rope like double under, single leg jump, and cross jumps. Jumping ropes are easily available in the market for $7.99 – $49.99 depending on quality.

Resistance Bands

This bands or tubes with handles can be used to improve anything from your upper & lower strength to your stability, they can even be used in physical therapy to rehabilitate certain injuries. They come in a variety of colors to help you conveniently identify the different resistance levels, from soft to hard. Some other shapes of resistance bands are tubes with handles that also show the same characteristics. They can be utilized for upper body unilateral strength movements, as well as core and lower body stability movements. There are different resistance bands available in the market and you can get them anywhere between $9.99 and $20 depending on the quality.

Adjustable Dumbbells

Dumbbells are some of the most used Pieces of gym equipment. These are incredibly useful because you can use them to increase the unilateral strength of your arms. Moreover, you can also use them to increase the intensity of lower body exercises. It is highly recommended to buy adjustable dumbbells, this type of dumbbells will give you the advantage of changing the weights easily without changing the complete dumbbell. You can easily them under $50 from a sports shop & online.

Hula Hoop

If you love to shake your body as a form of exercise, consider buying a hula hoop. They are available in different sizes and colors so you can choose from a wide range. These are available for around $10 – $25 at nearly all the sports shops.

These are some of the essential pieces of equipment that you can purchase if you want to build your own personal home gym for under $100. These will make it fast & easy for you to exercise in the comfort and privacy of your own home without wasting your time and money. All these Pieces of equipment will take just a little space in your home, apartment or wherever you decide to have set up your personal gym. I can assure you they will make a big change in your life, the benefits of exercising are not unknown. You can improve your health significantly with regular exercise and keep your body in shape. Moreover, your stamina enhances with regular exercise and you bring positive vibes in your life.

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