Our Take on the Best Workout Gear, Accessories, and Essentials for Your Healthy Lifestyle

Our Take on the Best Workout Gear, Accessories, and Essentials for Your Healthy Lifestyle

At HerFit Club, we stock our store and subscription boxes with the best workout clothes and fitness apparel that combine functionality and fashion. Discover the best workout gear, accessories, and essentials to help you find your flow in the gym and make healthy choices throughout your day. Here are our top 8 tips for stocking your gym bag and staying fit from head to toe

Cotton Headband1.) Cotton/Mix Headband   

     Keep your hair up and out of the way with a no slip headband. A cotton headband will breathe best and offers sweat absorbency to keep you cool and dry through a cardio session, but you also want one that’s infused with spandex or lycra for optimal stretch. The perfect snug fit should stay in place while you spin, kickbox, and lunge without giving you a headache!

2.) Sports Bra

     It is possible to find a sports bra that offers bounce protection and support without smashing your chest down. The best sports bra has elastic reinforcement on the bottom band to provide lift with a flattering fit. If the front of the bra top is well constructed, you can wear fun strap designs on the back without having to worry about support!

3.) Heart Rate Monitor

     You don’t have to be on a cardio machine to track your fitness. A heart rate monitor is essential for planning your workouts and staying in the optimal zone for fat burning, endurance training, or muscle building. A simple monitor can communicate your heart rate, but we also recommend one that has calorie burning metrics and distance tracking to give you the information that you need to thrive.

4.) Sports Waistband or Arm Band

     Workout with all hands-free. Our favorite ‘no hold’ fitness accessories give you the freedom to go farther without having to worry about your keys, cash, or phone. Whether you choose a waistband belt or arm band, the best designs have a moisture-wicking, soft interior that won’t chafe and a water-resistant cover to protect your essentials.

5.) BPA-Free Glass Bottle Wrapped in Shatter-Resistant Silicone

     Hydration is key in the gym and throughout the day. A BPA-free glass bottle delivers the purest taste without chemicals. If you’re worried about keeping a glass bottle with you, we recommend a bottle that is wrapped in shatter-resistant silicone so that you get the pure, chemical-free drinking experience with a layer of protection.

6.) Disinfecting wipes

     Disinfecting wipes are an essential item in your gym bag for wiping down shared equipment and keeping bacteria at bay in the locker room. Look for a germ fighting, disinfectant wipe that also acts as a natural deodorizer for a simple, quick solution that plays double duty.

Pink workout leginggs7.) Compression pants

     Compression pants are every fitness expert’s go-to apparel suggestion, but the type of compression that you want depends on your workout routine. Yoga requires the least amount of compression and relies on a wide, flat waistband to keep your bottoms in place. If you’re running, high compression and a high waist are essential to keep up your stride.

8.) Athletic shoes

   When purchasing a pair of athletic shoes, most people look for the heel support, arch fit, and toe cap reinforcement. While these are important features, we recommend looking for a lightweight shoe that delivers the durability and support that you’re looking for without weighing you, or your gym bag, down!


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